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In addition to having his own CPA and Wealth Management Firm since 1991, Frank has worked as a tax and accounting professional in both international public accounting firms and in the private corporate sector. This has given him the ability to understand the realities and challenges of growing businesses and to properly apply the accounting and tax rules to their unique situations. 
 During Frank's tenure in public accounting, he has worked with clients in various industries such as  manufacturing, resturants, retail, professional services, farming, banking, construction and various non-profit organizations. He has helped clients prepare business plans, financial forecasts and cash flow projections; analyze the impact of expanding into other states, and evaluate the impact of entering into transactions in foreign countries. 
 Frank has represented numerous clients which have been selected for audit by the IRS or by state taxing authorities. He has been successful presenting certain complex tax issues to both the IRS and state appeals officers when the field agents were unable to resolve the issues themselves. 
 Several of Frank's clients are based outside of Florida, have operations outside the US and conduct business in multiple states. Frank has helped many clients determine which type of entity is proper for their business operations and various tax implications.  Many of these considerations impact the individual shareholders and/or owners of the entities.  Thus his tax planning includes both the individual and corporate implications, including estate and retirement planning. 
 In the private sector Frank worked in the accounting and tax departments of several medium sized and Fortune 500 companies. He has worked in companies with multiple divisions and subsidiaries who had operations in multiple states and multiple countries. Frank was responsible for various items such as the preparation and review of consolidated financial statements, consolidated Federal and State tax returns, and the preparation of internal financial projections and forecasts. 




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